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001 alexis 520x763 Alexis

Photography by Filip Dujardin.

On it. Two rooms above it. For two children. One roof. Under a single roof. A single roof that is really many roofs. Which is the echo of all those roofs in that street.

That echo that is the same. That echo that is that bit different. The echo that presents a broken reflection of the surroundings. That breaks the roof. That forms the roof and is in folds. Creases.

That echo that can be seen from outside. That can be felt from inside. Wood defines the spaces. Defines the broken spaces. Lets one see the force of the creases. Every beam has its own dimension. A detail to be enjoyed in in bed. And just look at that column!

Wood, insulation, and synthetic jacket. Synthetic jacket. Synthetic roof sealing. Not as a technique any more. To be flat and out of sight. Now in sight too. To be seen. Abstraction. Helps the sense of volume.

Alexis is a Project by jan de vylder architecten.

002 alexis 520x520 Alexis

003 alexis 520x763 Alexis

004 alexis 520x763 Alexis

005 alexis 520x520 Alexis

006 alexis 520x763 Alexis

Name/ House Alexis at GB

Architects/ jan de vylder architecten / Jan De Vylder and Inge Vinck

Collaborator/ Lauren Dierickx

Advisers/ Babel-Ingenieurscollectief bvba, Plano architecten,  Anja De Grom, Lebbeke, Bouwonderneming Verfaillie bvba, Beernem, Desdo bvba, De Pinte, Gebroeders Vandelanotte bvba, Destelbergen, L&C gcv, Anzegem, Stroming bvba, Merelbeke

Area/ 57 m²

Location/ GB, Belgium

Year/ 2008

Photography/ Filip Dujardin

008 alexis axo 520x367 Alexis 009 alexis planta 520x1087 Alexis 010 alexis fachada 520x735 Alexis 011 alexis sección 520x328 Alexis

PinExt Alexis

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