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PLOT workshop breakfast in TECNO. During September we conduct a meeting with professionals to discuss the role of the magazine in the local scene. The workshop was held in the showroom of TECH. PLOT continually nourished dialogue with both local and international readers with the conviction that it is essential to listen to track various proposing distinctive alternative voices in the publishing field.

PLOT recommended books. A review of various new books recommended by our editors: “Review Nº11: Typology – Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Buenos Aires” by Emanuel Christ & Christoph Gantenbein; “Wiel Arets Autobiographical References” by Wiel Arets and “Espacio Continuo: registro tipológico de los caracoles comerciales de Santiago, 1974-1983” by Cristóbal Palma.

Soviet modernities. Javier Agustín Rojas writes about the renewed interest in URSS’s architecture thru diverse exhibitions and publications around the World.

Venice Biennale: About the common. Curated by British architect David Chipperfield, this year Biennale was titled “Common Ground”. Focusing in the common thing between different practices, operational modes and architecture, in this article we present some of the most singular, interesting and polemic pavilions. (ver online)

The tower of the polemic. This year Golden Lion awarded Urban Think Tank, Justin McGuirk and Iwan Baan, for their project Torre David. Florencia Medina writes about the war of opinions unleashed by the price focusing the debate at the poverty as spectacle. This article is complemented by Florencia Rodriguez’ “Architecture is not enough”.

Abolition of Slavery Memorial. In the city of Nantes, Krzysztof Wodiczko and Julián Bonder designed a Memorial at the place where slaves were bought and sold.

Casa Mariani Terrugi Memorial. The rehabilitation of a house that testifies the barbarism lived during the seventies decade in Argentina, project by Ana Ottavianelli and Fernando Gandolfi.

Buenos Aires Turns to the River. We document a new edition of AA Visiting School in Buenos Aires. This year’s workshop had the river in the Delta geography as thematic edge.


Sauerbruch-Hutton. We present an exclusive conversation with Juan Lucas Young, Argentinean partner of Sauerbruch-Hutton. Besides talking about his personal trajectory, we discuss themes like work methodology at the studio and the role of sustainability in the practices of this scope. In addition, we publish Maciachini and L57.

New practices in Rosario. With the curationship and presentation by Juan Manuel Rois, this article presents a new and young generation of architects from Rosario. The selection includes Estudio Aire (Office and studio, Las Rucas II Building), Arzubialde Arquitectos (Cuello House, Greco House, Fideicomiso Mandel Housing), Cekada Romanos (Alejandra House, Herrera Workshop-House, Fiore House), and Arquitectos en Tránsito (Oratorio Jesús Misericordioso, Plaza 20 Años Hermanamiento Piamonte, Estación Terminal de Ómnibus de Piamonte).

PRODUCTORA. A big mosaic introduces us to the work of these young architects that operates in Mexico, and the publication of the Mobile Library 47, Díaz House and Chihuahua House bring us closer.

Colegio Alianza Francesa Jean Mermoz. Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa Soler transformed part of an existing school and design new pavilions in relation to Curicó’s landscape in Chile.


OOT 012/ Marcia Krygier. Chef, jewelry designer, collector and (always) architect, Marcia Krygier reveals in this conversation with Ciro Najle all that hides behind the process and chores of these practices.

Dieste Redux. Machines towards an infrastructural tectonic order. We publish Martín Cobas’ essay for South America Project.

Luxury figure. What does the champion of modern architecture in common with a extravagant millionaire who prefer throwing dirty dishes from his Venetian palazzo’s window o rather than endure the rattle dishwasher? By Marina Zuccon.

The imbalance of entropic architecture. By Marcelyn Gow.

The art of fiction Nº1: the agonistic interview series. Cristina Goberna (Fake Industries Architectural Agonism partner) talks with Pedro Gadanho, one of the new curators of MoMA.

Lebbeus Woods 1940-2012. Neil Denari writes about his friend, colleague and mentor Lebbeus Woods.

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