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PLOT recommended book. Arquis/ Patrimonio Moderno 1940-50-60 is a research by Gustavo Robinshon and Martín Torrado about the legacy of unpublished and unknown modern architecture.

Imperfect Health the medicalization of architecture. Imperfect Health reviews the complexity of health in the contemporary world in the context of the rising medicalization of society. (See online)

Ideas of bridges. We present a little selection of some contemporary solutions for small scale bridges in Holland, Belgium and Sweden. (See online)

OWAR. We show the project, technical and ideological operations behind OWAR’s sede social lo espejo and Coya House. (See online)

Archizines in Buenos Aires. We present the exhibition design by Pablo Gerson and Nicolás D’Angelo. (See online)


Tatiana Bilbao. Florencia Medina interviewed the Mexican architect who talked about her academic experience, her beginnings, work methodology, projects y architecture of Mexico nowadays. We also publish Ventura House, Ajijic House, Tangassi funeral home and Culicán Botanical Garden. (See online)

Stan Allen. Florencia Rodriguez interviewed Stan Allen, architect and theorist whose thinking drifts between different issues of contemporary life, which enables us to question the cultural transformations and translate them into architecture. A detailed documentation of four projects (Salim Editorial House, Sagaponac House, Maribor Art Gallery and M&M House) reviews some of his work. (See online)

Molina + Zini Arquitectos. We travel to Pergamino (Argentina) to know the office of Agricultores Federados Argentinos. Fernando Molina and Paola Zini’s project recognizes the hybrid nature of the site, between the urban and the rural. (See online)


Form and pedagogy. The university city of the 20th Century in Latin America. By Carlos Garciavelez Alfaro. Research about some of the most important examples of architectonical experimentation of the 20th Century in Latin America: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM); Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras (UPRRP); Ciudad universitaria de Caracas, Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV); Ciudad universitaria de Río de Janeiro, Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro (UFRJ); Campus universitario Darcy Ribeiro, Universidad de Brasilia (UnB); Ciudad universitaria de la Sierra de San Javier, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT). (See online)

OOT 015/ Alexis Rochas. His conversation with Ciro Najle address themes as the production of technology, the link between object and infrastructure, his practice at STEREO.BOT and the geography of Los Angeles as illusion.

Post-historic suspension: Redefining the role of the relative. For Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, author of the essay, it’s time to activate a post-historic process and to suspend the historic reactionary pendulum between structuralists and post-structuralists. (See online)

Introduction to the aesthetic of information. Lev Manovich looks at the relationship between different fields of culture in the context of the age of information and the digital society. (See online)

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