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(All articles are published in Spanish)

PLOT 14 is out on the streets and available in our online store! This issue includes a wide reportage about the work of the Argentine architecture studio Alric Galíndez and their residential projects in the Patagonia, the first issue of a series of articles about new and alternative practices of architecture (‘Other possible worlds’ or Otros mundos posibles by Florencia Medina and Pedro Ezequiel Videla), two cultural infrastructure projects of great value (Parque Cultural Valparaiso and Praça das Artes). In addition, it includes the latest cultural works of OMA and the interdisciplinary practices of Petra Blaisse/Inside Outside (with an essay by Sanford Kwinter).

In the theory section, Florencia Rodríguez interviewed Cynthia Davidson, Ciro Najle talked with George Legendre, in a new edition of Out of time, about the digitalization of architectural media y we publish, for first time in Spanish, the work of Pedro Gadanho at MoMA (9+1 Ways of being political).



Book review. 10 Historias sobre vivienda colectiva by A+T Research Group (Aurora Fernández Per, Javier Mozas, Alex S. Ollero) and Oblique Drawing, a history of anti-perspective by Massimo Scolari.

The South America Project at the Biennale. In the context of the XIV International Architecture Biennale of Buenos Aires, it will take place the South America Project (SAP) symposium, promoted by Harvard University, in the Centro Cultural Recoleta. (See online)

Atlas of the unbuilt world. London Architectural Festival hosted and exhibition of projects under construction or to be built in the future. Three Argentinean projects were chosen to be part of the exhibition: the Museo Provincial de Arte Contemporáneo by Monoblock, San Bernardo chapel by Nicolás Campodónico and Guatemala 6002 by Clusellas, O’Connor, Colle, Campolonghi + Cabrera y Pieretti. (See online)

Other possible worlds. We present a panorama of studios practicing alternative approaches towards problems and programs of contemporary architecture. You can find a series of projects by the collective’s raumlaborberlín and Al Borde as well as the work of English studio We Made That. (See online)

Wome transforming cities. Argentinean Architect Zaida Muxi visited our office and told us about the work she is developeing for Punt 6, which won the Canadian award Women Transforming Cities.

Workshop Civic City Press. In the context of Archizines (PLOT 13), took place the workshop Civic City Press, organized by the School of Architecture of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and PLOT. (See online)


Spaces for culture. The Parque Cultural Valparaiso by HLPS Arquitectos and Praça Das Artes by Brasil Arquitectura, in high detail are protagonists of this block of cultural infrastructure in Latin America. (See online)

Alric Galindez Arquitectos. We visited their studio to interview Santiago Alric, Carlos Galindez and Federico Lloveras. In addition to their studio in Martinez (Buenos Aires), you will find a wide panorama of their production in the Patagonia: Vizu Jaus in Bariloche and Casa S, Casa M, Casa DOI, Casa CS in Arelauquen. (See online)

OMA and the museums. A reflection, by editor Florencia Medina, about the cultural work of Rem Koolhaas’ office during the first decade of the 21th century: Seoul National University Museum, Zollverein Kohlenwäsche, Garaje Gorky Park and Hermitage Masterplan. (See online)

What architecture couldn’t do. PLOT talked with Petra Blaisse, founder and director of Inside Outside. You will find Chanzen Museum of Art, Cornell University, Damast, Synagogue LJG, Almere Swamp Garden, Haus der Kunst, CCTV and Seattle Public Library together with the essay ‘the garden and the veil’ by Sanford Kwinter.(See online)


Something to talk about. Florencia Rodríguez, editorial director of PLOT, interviewed New York based critic and editor Cynthia Davidson who talked about her carrier in Log: Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City, Writing Architecture, Inland Architect and ANY.

OOT 016/ George Legendre. In a new edition of Out of Time, Ciro Najle talked with George Legendre, founder of IJP, an architectural studio that explores the natural intersection between space, mathematics and computation. (See online)

9+1 ways of being political. We share the text of the first exhibition by Pedro Gadanho as MoMA curator. The author explores the influence of architects and their political postures during the 20th century. (See online)

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