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PLOT 15 is out on the streets and available in our online store. In this new edition we’ve published in detail a series of projects by Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés Architectes SA / RDR Arquitectos on the 20th anniversary of the swiss-argentinean studio. In addition, Barbara Moyan Gacitúa introduces to the work of 2b stratégies urbanies concrètes and Florencia Medina interviewed the peruvian studio 51-1. In the theory section, Ciro Najle talked with Preston Scott Cohen, we present a series of research projects of SAP / The South America Project, among other things.



Book reviews. Scopio 1 2/3 Aboveground: city, an anual publication about photography, architecture and public space. Archphoto 2.0_03 Holiday Houses, publication edited by Emanuele Piaccardo.

Azcuénaga Parking. The landscape architecture studio Bulla reconditioned a parking in the center of Buenos Aires.

Quincho de la casa 1 de Brown. Francisco Cadau takes action in one of his houses, the Brown house, creating a quincho that puts in crisis the visual tectonics. 

Edificio Plaza. The housing designed by Valeria del Puerto and Horacio Sardín situated in Buenos Aires creates his own urban ecosystem. (See online)

Vecindario 1º de Mayo. A building of horizontal propiety by Castellitti Bertoni Arquitectos y Asociados in Santa Fe give us the chance to look thru an interesting spatial proposal.

Colegio de Médicos de Salta. CCFGM Arquitectos Asociados designed this institution inspired the typical patio, very common in the region of Salta.

Design, Bitches. Catherine Johnson and Rebecca Rudolph perform a blissful architectural practices influenced by the sun of California and the pop art. (See online)

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Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés Architectes SA / RDR Arquitectos. In the 20th anniversary of the studio, we’ve interviewed Ignacio Dahl Rocha and Bruno Emmer. In addition, we show you Bobst, UDT and EPFL in detail. (See online)

2b stratégies urbanies concrètes. Barbara Moyano Gacitúa introduces us to the studio of Stephanie Bender and Phillippe Béboux, interested in “the void, the vacant, the space between, in opposition to the full, the built”. Their projects in Beaumont and Tuffière emphasize this statement. (See online)

51-1. Florencia Medina interviewed César Becerra, Fernando Puente Arnao and Manuel de Rivero, partners of 51-1 studio. In the conversation, the peruvian Architects talked about their practice in relation to the landscape and the culture. In adition, you can see Casa Serpiente, Casa Pachamanca, Casa del jardín espiral, Museo de arte moderno de Medellín, Chiclayo 862, NM Lima y Arco iris en el desierto. (See online)

Za Koenji – Toyo Ito & Associates Architects. We show the public theater of Za Kenki, a great hybrid structure of steel and concrete in a residential neighborhood in Tokyo. (See online)

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OOT 017/ Preston Scott Cohen. In a new edition of Out Of Time, Ciro Najle talks with Preston Scott Cohen, professor at the GSD of Harvard University and founder of Preston Scott Cohen, Inc.

SAP / The South America Project. Four of the research projects presented at the second SAP symposium in the frame of the XIV Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires: Territorios imprescisos e indentidades borrosas by Marcos Favero y Pierre Marin; Hacia una infraestructura by Marcelo Danza, Miguel Fascioli and Diego Pérez; Colonizar últimas fronteras by Anita Berrizbeitia; and Una línea en los Andes by Felipe Correa. (See online)

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