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PLOT 17, the February – March 2014 issue, is out on the street! You can find it in bookstores and in our virtual store. This issue includes a selection of MoGS’s projects, a young Argentine architecture studio and Paul Preissner’s essay: What’s weird about Matthew Marks Gallery. Also, we present a little chronicle about the 48 HOUR Open House Buenos Aires architectural festival and an article by Martin Corullón about the polemical proposal of closing Lina Bo Bardi’s MASP’s ground floor in Sao Paulo, among other things.

In the practice section, we’ve interviewed Paul Robbrecht to get an insight in Robbrecht en Daem Architecten’s incisive projects such as the built 1:1 scale model of a forgotten project by Mies van der Rohe. We also include a series of works by Chilean architects Panorama in different geographical contexts. On the other hand, a little manifesto introduces us to the work of Plan: B Arquitectos, a Colombian firm founded by architects Felipe and Federico Mesa.

In the new issue of Out of Time, music and architecture drives the conversation between Ciro Najle and Sergio Forster. It also includes a new reportage about academic models in Escola da Cidade, a historiographical lecture by Zaida Muxi Martínez of modern and contemporary architecture in relationship with gender issues, a sharp analysis by Mosiés Puentes of the state of architectural criticism and Armelle Caron’s city dis-maps that create a new representation tool.



48 HS OPEN HOUSE BUENOS AIRES. During December of 2013 Buenos Aires celebrated the first Latin American edition of Architectural Festival Open House.

Vãolivre. In response to the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP) proposal of closing and controlling the access to the vãolivre (ground floor for the building), Martin Corullón analizes the urban, historical and social factors that affect this idea by remembering the history of this building designed by Lina Bo Bardi.

Optic of infinit space. Office of Neiheiser & Valle take risks and propose an experimental and extreme space to embody in architectural terms some qualities of a brand of luxury and unconventional glasses.

Plaza Bristol skate walk. By trying to generate social connections in significant places, Mar del Plata’s municipality decided to place this skate park in the most important point of cities’ sea walk: the ramblas of the Casino-Gran Hotel Provincial. Guillermo de Diego, author of the Project, illustrate us about the dynamic of this public space that allows top put ‘off’ and ‘on’ places of the city.

Two barns. The barns designed by Indie Architecture and Paul Preissner for the Music Festival for Animals in the context of the Biennale of the Americas of 2013 in Denver, Colorado, were thought as an informal and carefree organization.

What is strange about Matthew Marks Gallery. Paul Preissner makes a reflection about the attractive, apparently simple and subtly subversive of the architectural proposal of this art gallery in Hollywood. Besides its commercial success the gallery offers an important ambition: it is weird. (See online)

MoGS. A series of Works by this young Argentine studio formed by Carolina Molinari, Javier Gorodner and Juan Spotorno. MoGS is a rising practice that combine professionalism, constructive precision and a system of references which reflects the experience of the architects. The article includes Quincho M, Trastienda del infinito, Casa S y Top it. (See online)

Urban farm Tokio. Kono Design propose an alternative towards the decline of agriculture in Japan. Pasona Urban Farm offers urban farming facilities integrated within the building. (See online)

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Robbrecht en Daem Architecten. Paul Robbrecht and Hilde Daem, couple of Belgian architects, founded Robbrecht en Daem Architecten in Gent in 1972. During their carrier they have collaborated with artist like Franz West or Michaël Borremans. Javier Agustín Rojas, editor of PLOT, interviewed Paul Robbrecht to know more about the cosmopolitan, forceful and contemporary practice of the studio. We included the public spaces of the center Gent, Het Huis and Mies Van der Rohe 1:1 Modell golfclubhaus. (See online)

Panorama. Founded in 2009 by Constanza Hagemanny and Nicolás Valdéz, Panorama developed projects of small and medium scale of diverse programs. In this new edition of PLOT, we show a selection of buildings -Casa R, Bodegas Andesgear and Embotelladora de agua- which represent this programmatic and contextual multiplicity. (See online)

PLAN: B Architects. A text by Felipe and Federico Mesa called “Notas aleatorias del día a día en cuatro proyectos” introduce us to the work of this Architectural office which defines their work thru a practice that has in consideration the dialogue, the drawing, the trip, the model, the construction and that takes cares constantly of professional and academic situations. The selection of works includes Skyline Cloud, Casa BO, Casa C4 and Click Clack Hotel. (See online)

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OOT 019/ Sergio Forster. Ciro Najle talked with Sergio Forster, directo of Architecture and Urban Studies carrier at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. David Bowie’s chameleon-like versatility is the staring point to their dialogue which drifts between themes like music, time in architecture or readings that influenced them. (See online)

Escola da Cidade. PLOT visited this School of integrated and humanist visión which is one of the most interesting School models of Latin America. In a conversation with Ciro Pondio, director of the School, we know their objectives, pedagogic ways and their experience ‘making city’.

Women and architecture. Housing contribution. While the presence of women at the Schools of Architecture represent more than the 50% of the students, their recognition does not comes in equal terms. Zaida Muxi Martínez makes an historiographic reading of modern and contemporary architecture that crumbles certain gender prejudice in the discipline.

For a new critic space. Moisés Puentes makes a sharp analysis about the state of the critique, social networks as a void only for opinion, the complacency of specialized media, architects generating self-reference discourses and the value of the word in the age of information and visual culture.

Dis-mapping the city. The work of french artista Armelle Caron is based in the classical nolli mapping of seven city fragments that achieve an interesting interpretation of the urban space. (See online)

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