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PLOT 18, the April – May 2014 issue, is out on the street! You can find it in bookstores and in our virtual store. This issue includes a section on temporary and systematic projects accompanied by a brief interview with Sou Fujimoto. In addition, Florencia Rodriguez talked to photographer Iwan Baan.

In the Practice section we published two houses and a dwelling building by Clusellas – O´Connor´s studio along with an article by Silvio Plotquin. PLOT also went into detail with three Latin-American practices (and feminine) including projects by Frida Escobedo, Carla Juaçaba and the collective studio Ctrl G.

In the newest edition of OOT, Ciro Najle converses with Alisa Andrasek about her professional and academic experiences tied to computational design. In addition, we published “El espectáculo está en la calle” (the show is on the street); the first presentation of the series “The Illustrated Guerrilla” and we also shared our conversation with The Canary Project.



Medellín experimental social housing. PLOT sponsors the public contest organized by ARCHmedium in the search of solutions for collective housing in Medellín.

Motion matters. The installation by UNStudio for the MAXXI is a dynamic space that trascends the limits between exhibition and installation.

Temporality, permeabilty, systematic. The scaffolding logic. Julia D’Alotto, editor of PLOT, introduce us into a series of works built under this logic: Wendy by HWKN, Taichung Infobox by Stan Allen, Schaustelle by J. Mayer H. Architects and Sou Fujimoto’s Serpentine Gallery Pavillion. (See online)

Future primitives. Short interview to Sou Fujimoto.

Iwan Baan. The camera eye and many possible worlds. Florencia Rodríguez talked with Iwan Baan, photographer behind a revolution in the way of looking at contemporary architecture, in the context of the presentation of his book and exhibition 52 weeks, 52 cities.

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Clusellas O’Connor. We publish a series of works by the studio of Mariano Clusellas and Cristian O’Connor, who focus their professional practice on medium scale buildings in urban, suburban and rural places. This edition includes three of their most recent works: Casa AC in Buenos Aires, Casa CV in José Ignacio and the housing builiding Guatemala 6002. In addition, the article includes the essay ‘Clima privado’ by Silvio Plotquin. (See online)

Frida Escobedo. The Mexican architect founded her architecture studio in 2006. Since then, her work focuses in the activation of urban and touristic spaces. We publish Hotel Bocachica, Civic Stage, Eco and La Tallera Siqueiros. (See online)

Carla Juaçaba. Independen Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba is mainly dedicated to residential projects and scenography for exhibitions. We publish two houses, Río Bonito and Varanda, and the Humanidade Pavillion 2012, a big scale temporal building. (See online)

CtrlG. Catalina Patiño and Viviana Peña form a collective that organizes to generate a work space to share reflections and to develop projects in common. We publish a series of Kindergardens: Carpinelo, San Antonio de Prado and Pajarito La Aurora. (See online)

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OOT 020/ Alisa Andrasek. Ciro talked to Croat architect and curator Alisa Andrasek, founder of the multidisciplinary laboratory Biothing. The conversation drifts between the professional practice of Alisa and their academic experiences of research about robotic and technology. (See online)

The Illustrated Guerrilla. The editorial staff of PLOT considered the necessity of thinking about the value of the image as ideological or conceptual vehicle. “El espectáculo está en la calle” (the show is on the street), by Dolores Oliver, address the theme in historical terms and it is the first text of this series. (See online)

Art, activism and micropolitcs of the image. The Canary Project. Inside the coal mines, the canaries are used as alert of the lack of oxygen. Edward Morris and Susannah Sayler founded The Canary Project in 2006 to make awareness of the climate change. We share our meeting with the past January and Harvard GSD and show Green patriot posters and A history of the future projects. (See online)

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