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PLOT 20, the August-September 2014 issue, is out on the street! You can find it in bookstores and in our virtual store. In our fourth anniversary, we celebrate the new edition in Portuguese and the setting of the magazine in Brazil. We present a wide reportage about the Brazilian studio AR Arquitetos, we take a look at the highlights of the Venice Biennale and we publish ‘continuum space’, research by Cristóbal Palma.

In the practice section we show, in high detail, three buildings by Swedish studio Tham & Videgård Arkitekter together with the work of Argentine architect Diego Arraigada and a serious of Portugese studios that illustrates a panorama of the remarkable production in the European country.

In a new edition of Out of Time, Ciro Najle talked to Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa at the Seagram square and the terrace of the Lever House. We also publish the first part of the symposium What criticism? and an exclusive collaboration by artist-architects Miniatura.

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Continum space: archeolgy of the present. Cristóbal Palma has done a typological register of the commercial snails (spiral ramp that connects the exterior sidewalk and the interior of the building and articulates the pedestrian movement) that were built in Chile during the seventies and the eighties. (see online)

AR Arquitetos. Permeable borders.AR Arquitetos was founded in Sao Paulo in 2008 by Marina Acayaba and Juan Pablo Rosenberg and, since then, they’ve been developing projects of different scales and issues: Atelier Aberto, Galería Bergamin and Productora Kana. (see online)

Architecture Venice Biennale.A new edition of the Biennale has begun. This occasion, the curator is no other than Rem Koolhaas, and, how is usual for him, made polemics. With a chronicle by Gustavo Alonso Serafín we publish the most remarkable works of this edition, Fundamentals.


Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. We publish a serious of cultural Works of this Swedish studio whose work is characterized for the use of color, constructive rigor and pop sensibility: Tellus Kindergarden, Kalmar Art Museum and Moderna Museet Malmö.(see online)

Portugal/ Rodrigo da Costa Lima introduces us to the romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of Portuguese architecture. A serious of Works, of various scales and programs, illustrate the Lusitanian landscape:(see online)

LIKEarchitects.  Andy Warhol Temporary Museum, Party animal y Temporary Bar.

Luísa Penha. House at Liége square.

Pedro Domingos Arquitectos.Sever Do Vouga primary and secondary School.

Inês Lobo. Raw houses.

ARX Portugal. Forum Sintra.

Álvaro Fernandez Andrade.Centre for High Performance Rowing in Pocinho.

Diego Arraigada.Florencia Medina interviewed Diego Arraigada, Argentinean architect whose work combines the traditional technics with new technologies. We publish some of his most recent works: Patio house, House in front ot the See and Brick house.(see online)


OOT 022/ Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa.Ciro Najle talked to New York-based Argentinean architect. As they walk thru Manhattan, the dialogues flows about what they see (and analyze), his academic experience at Cooper Union, Mies’ legacy and New York’s underground…(see online)

What criticism? Part I. We publish the conferences of the symposium planned by Florencia Rodriguez at Harvard: What Criticism?. This first delivery includes panels The impossible friendship (with texts by Matthew Teismann, Iker Gil, Uriel Fogué and Jimenez Lai) and Criticism = Love (Alexandra Lange, Troy Payne, Urtzi Grau and Ciro Najle).(see online)

Miniatura. Casa outdoor: A series of collages done specially for this issue.(see online)

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