PLOT Special Edition Nº6: Constructive details

Sunday 31 de July, 2016
PinExt PLOT Special Edition Nº6: Constructive details

PLOT ESP 6 520 px PLOT Special Edition Nº6: Constructive details

PLOT´s 2016 second special edition is out on the Street! This new edition exposes new techniques that find their place in our “unfinished technological map”.

This special edition includes six examples of contemporary architecture of different scale and program. These are from the offices HARQUITECTES – dataAE; Sebastián Irarrázaval; Barozzi | Veiga; Kengo Kuma & Associates; 51-1 + Ctrl G; Studio Fuksas.

Projects from Spain, Chile, Poland, China and The United States were selected for this publication, which add new examples to our (yet) unfinished map.

Together with these projects, we published three articles under the title “Material (in) formation”. The first one, written by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, questions the relationship between the processing of information and reality. Following this, an interview to Nader Tehrani, by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher and Shai Yeshayahu and, in the end, an extract of Architecture (in) formation, edited by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Aaron Sprecher.

PLOT Special Edition Nº6: Constructive Details. 3º Unfinished Technological Map


Editorial: Constructive Details. Florencia Medina.

ICTA-ICP Research Center. Autonomous University of Barcelona Campus. HARQUITECTES- dataAE. 2011-2014. Barcelona, Spain.

Constitución Library. Sebastián Irarrázaval. 2011-2015. Constitución, Chile.

Szczecin Philharmonic. Barozzi | Veiga. 2007-2014. Szczecin, Poland.

Folk Art Museum Expansion, China’s Art Academy. Kengo Kuma & Associates. 2009-2015. Hangzhou, China.

Medellin Modern Art Museum expansion (MAMM). 51-1 + Ctrl G. 2013-2015. Antioquia, Colombia.

Terminal 3 Bao´an, Shenzhen International Airport. Studio Fuksas. 2008-2013. Guangdong, China.

Material (in) formation

“The extension of the concept of authorship between drawing and construction”. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa.

About the abstraction of information and the physical tectonics of materials. Interview to Nader Tehrani byPablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher and Shai Yeshayahu.

“Architecture (in) formation. On the nature of information in digital architecture.” Edited by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa y Aaron Sprecher.

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Plot ESP6 Tapa  1 520x675 PLOT Special Edition Nº6: Constructive details

PinExt PLOT Special Edition Nº6: Constructive details

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