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(All articles are published in Spanish)



Year of architecture biennales. 2014 will witness the most important event of our discipline: the 14th edition of Venice Architecture Biennale. Ibero-America will have a special encounter too: the Argentinean city of Rosario will host the IX edition of Ibero-America Architecture and Urbanism Biennale.

Interiors is an online zine where architect Mehruss Jon Ahí and filmmaker Armen Karaoghlanian analyze and diagram films in terms of space. Interiors focus in how space is used and how architecture impacts in the characters and narrative. For this number of PLOT we present the science fiction classic Blade Runner (1982), by Ridely Scott. (See online)

Domestic scenes. A series of little dwellings of different design strategies and contexts: Bonhôte House by AOC, Humlegården apartment by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, and Baladrar House by Langarita Navarro. (See online)


Herzog & De Meuron. In a clear comeback to a work based in material research and traditional architecture elements (Koolhaas’ fundamentals for this year Biennale), and more like their first works of the past decade, the Swiss studio Herzog & De Meuron developed two of their last projects in the United States under the museum program. We publish Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Parrish Art Museum. (See online)

RMA Architects. Make places, make culture. We interviewed Rahul Mehrotra, know architect in American academic world for his research about urban planning, territory and cities as well for his labor as Chair of the Urban Planning and Design Department of the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. He has being running his own office, RMA Architects, for 24 years. We publish Corporative offices in Hyderbad, Shantiniketan and Hathigaon. (See online)

Living in Buenos Aires portraits a rising phenomenon in the habitation reality of Buenos Aires thru two recent buildings: Roseti 1948 by Pacífico Oficina + Blaa Estudio y Sucre 4444 byEsteban-Tannenbaum-Tannenbaum. Both studios are young practices beginning their personal searches. (See online)

Walden 7. Building a community in 1975. A reasearch by Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores reveals some the mysterys of this building designed by Ricardo Bofill’s Taller de arquitectura. The text is complemented with a photo reportage by Adrià Goula. (See online)


OOT 021/ Enrique Walker. In a new edition of Out of Time, Ciro Najle talked with Enrique Walker at Columbia. In their meeting, they share thoughts about constrictions and its applicability for the design process, the forms of structuring a story, the clichés, the fiction… (See online)

The Cooper Union: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa. We return to show academic models of Schools of Architecture around the World. This edition includes a detailed panorama of a School with a great history: The Cooper Union. We also publish “Espacio Cartopológico”, research work by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa developed in this academic context. (See online)

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