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EDITORIAL (see online)


The Petropolis of Tomorrow. This book is a precise speculation of the new and necessary urban and infrastructural possibilities to go along with the oil-bearing boom in the high seas in Brazil. In this edition we reproduce the introduction of its co-editor, Neeraj Bathia. (see online)

Higienópolis – an agenda for an urban reinvention. Sol Camacho Dávalos and María Arquero De Alarcón present us with a historical analysis of the Higienópolis neighborhood in the city of San Pablo where they explore meanings in its urban plot and modernist-paulista tradition in relationship with domestic architecture in a particular socio-cultural context. (see online)

Galpón Estudio. We present a variety of projects by the architectural collective Galpón Estudio founded in 2008 and made up of Leo Ferreti, Ramiro Gallardo, Gustavo Nielsen, Max Zolkwer y Enrico Rovalett: plazas Magaldi and Unamuno, los Juegos Sonoros, a setting for Ceamse in the framework of the Tecnópolis fair and lastly a big infrastructure for the stage for Iguazú en Concierto. (see online)


Studio Gang.We publish an interview and three projects of the studio leaded by Jeanne Gang that express an interest to explore new materialities and scales of work: Aqua Tower, WMS Boathouse in Clark Park, and the SOS Children´s Village Lavezzorio Community Center. (see online)

New practices in New York. We invited Fake Industries Architectural Agonism (FKAA) to curate a section about incipient practices in New York. We present Bittertang, Playlab, Formlessfinder, Work Architecture Company and SO-IL. (see online)

Richard Meier & Partners.We show two of Richard Meier & Partner´s most recent projects and a brief interview by Florencia Rodriguez where Meier shares with us his interests and stories. (see online)


OOT 023/ Michael Meredith.Ciro Najle converses with Michael Meredith, cofounder of MOS, in his studio, located in his house in Harlem in New York. They talk about the particularities of the objects, work processes, formalisms and his influences, the cultural responsibility of the architect and other subjects. (see online)

In-between recreation and mystery. Interview to Michael Hays.We publish a conversation between Michael Hays and Florencia Rodriguez where they talk about subjects regarding theory, criticism, history, the social role and transcendence of architecture and a revision of his work. (see online)

Future Nostalgia.We share and reproduce the introduction of “The Air from other Planets” by Sean Lally that like many other contemporary books, explores the relationships between the themes of landscape, ecology, and technology. (see online)

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