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(All articles are published in spanish and portuguese)




Latin America en Construction: Architecture 1955 – 1980.With more than 500 drawings, images and different historical material, the exhibition is a perspective without precedents of Latin-American architecture. Projects of architects such as Eladio Dieste, Clorindo Testa or Lina Bo Bardi are shown for the first time in a context that lets us draw relationships and links between architecture productions of the different countries in the region.

Trazando vínculos. La construcción de la mirada curatorial. PLOT talked to the Argentinian architect and historian Jorge Francisco Liernur, curator of Latin America en Construction: Architecture 1955 – 1980, to discuss the approaches and goals of the exhibition, the process of its realization and what were the specific contents.


NON MODERNS. This group works with the present but doesn´t deny history or tradition. The change they suggest is upon single operations that explicit questions of use of space, typology and program, empty spaces and disciplinary preconceptions.

Casa Saénz, Adamo – Faiden arquitectos, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012.

Ambient 30 60, Umwelt, Santiago, Chile. 2013.

Casa Guna, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, San Pedro de la Paz, Chile, 2014.

NATURALISTS. This group defines itself by questioning the social contracts of our time, by thinking in nature not from a place of estrangement and control but fissionable to our own human condition and living environment.

Prototipo de edificio jardín hospedero y nectarífero para mariposas de Cali, Husos, Cali, Colombia, 2012.

Sierra Ballena I,  AFRa, Maldonado, Uruguay, 2012.

ARTISANS. This group is bounded to materialism, a form of resistance and counterculture that sometimes echoes from a conceptual field based on the work of Richard Sennet […] There´s a compromise with the material testing marked by a DIY (do it yourself) philosophy and active sociability.

Capilla San Miguel Arcángel, Javier Corvalán, Gran Asunción, Paraguay, 2012.

Centro de Capacitación Käpäcläjio, Entre nos Atelier, Cartago, Costa Rica, 2014.

NEOTROPICALISTS. This group uses pure but complex geometries. There´s an emphasis on the type of response due to the climatic conditions and en many cases there´s still a use of concrete as if it were a plastic material that adapts to places and specific forms. There´s also a romantic and existential responsibility manifested in its ideas on space and landscape. 

Casa de fin de semana, SPBR, San Pablo, Brazil, 2013.

Facultad de Economía y Empresa Universidad Diego Porales, Hevia + Duque Motta + Manzi, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile.

DISRUPTIVES. This group gives a strong value to aesthetics because it sees in it a possibility of a new type of representation. The icon, the monumentality or the social impacts of an image are used in many cases to attract renewal. Therefore, there´s an assessment of technology to be used as a tool for ideas and metaphors of possible futures.

Centro de Interpretación científica Pabellón cielo y tierra, Telescopio Mazinger, GGMPU + Lucio Morini, Córdoba, Argentina, 2015.

Casa CAP, MMX, Mexico D.F., Mexico, 2013.

Jardín Infantil Ciudad de la Alegría, Timayui, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Timayui, Santa Marta, Colombia, 2011.


Continuidades y rupturas en la arquitectura contemporánea brasileña. Fernando Luiz Lara. Tracks down and presents the origins and the evolution of modern architecture in Brazil to define the conditions and the principles of its present.

Entre la resistencia y la adaptación: nuevos caminos de la arquitectura en Latinoamérica. Jeannette Plaut, Marcelo Sarovic. Analyzes a series of important projects constructed in Chile in recent years to exemplify certain guidelines about architecture in this country.

Ambigüedad y paradoja. Camilo Restrepo. Constructs a personal perspective about the discipline in Latin America based on the radical transformations to indicate the beginning of the 21st century.

Out of Time 026. Ciro Najle converses with Francisco Cadau in a new edition of Out of Time.


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