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Sensaciones de lo ordinario. Un Monoambiente poco Normal. Martín Huberman is founder and director of Normal™ and Monoambiente. In this edition we present a series of spatial structures that look to redefine the ways we connect with space. We also show four of the eleven exhibitions Monoambiente realized in these past three years since its founding. The objective is to encourage the dialogue, the experimentation and the exhibition of artistic practices related to architecture and design.

Cuerpos no convencionales. Julia D´Alotto.The practices of contemporary fashion and architecture constantly present social and cultural ideas of personal identity with problems linked to the user and zeitgeist. Many examples show how these disciplines mutually affect each other throughout their morphology and appearance. Both provide shelter for the body and they are both instruments to generate space and volume. Their construction is done throughout two-dimensional forms and they both work with the human scale but it´s proportions, sizes and forms greatly differ. While we define fashion as a momentary phenomenon, architecture traditionally has a more solid, monumental and permanent presence.


Nuevas Prácticas Asunción.A selection of new practices from Paraguay create experimental projects that push the limits. Their production is influenced by the articulation of ideas from Brazil, Río de la Plata, the north of Argentina and their own local identity. This article features the following practices: Colectivo Aqua Alta, Lukas Fúster, tda, b|f|a, -=+x-.

OFIS arhitekti. Suggests at the same time a local and experimental practice. The variation of project scales, the versatility of proposals, the new material testing, and at the same time, the search and investigation of vernacular Slovenian architecture, are some of the things that make this practice, as they define, multiple and chaotic simultaneously. We publish three of their projects: Villa Criss-Cross Envelope, Borísov Football Stadium and Space Habitable Wheel.

Two buildings in the african landscape.

Toshiko Mori Architect, Residence for Artists y Cultural Centre THREAD. Exhibits a synthesis between digital design and high technology and the traditional vernacular construction of hay, brick and bamboo.The project was designed by the Japanese architect Toshiko Mori, based in New York and it was constructed throughout a collaborative process between designers, construction workers and rural settlers.

OTO Arquitetos. Sede del Parque Natural Isla de Fogo. The building is covered with black bricks produced locally by the mix of cement and volcano ashes, which allows merging the architecture with the landscape. The ashes were also used to cover the areas of the roof and all exteriors, which created a symbiosis between nature and the new construction.


Noticias de una ciudad preolímpica. Ana Luiza Nobre/ This witness case of the political and economical transformations of Latin America, in which geography and history also have a presence which is permanently evident, materializes many symptoms in the transformations of the postindustrial city.

Miriñaques y recintos. Julia D´Alotto/ This article explores the importance of fashion and its influence in architecture throughout time. It creates a historical lecture since its origins to the present analyzing a few examples that make evident their parallelisms, contrasts and influences.


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