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II National Design Biennale UBA-FADU. From the 10th to the 15th of August in the Biennale there were exhibitions, installations and proposals relating to the production of the design careers in the University of Buenos Aires. There were more than 100 workshops and conferences linked to the different branches of design.

Con las manos en la masa. “Pensado a mano” is the first publication that documents as a monograph the work of the architecture office Flores & Prats. In the entirety of their projects one can see the passion for the processes, the details and the involvement in every single way. Juan José Lahuerta does this analysis.

Point Supreme architects. This office is founded by Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou in Athens, Greece, in 2008. We highlight four of their projects we consider the most important and that express their particular aesthetic: Nadja, Giorgia, Kalavrita Café and Serpantina Pavilion.

Hernán Gastelú. Casa en La Pampa. This house is located in the region of la Pampa in Argentina, a flat and fertile territory. The project is a restoration and expansion of an existing prefabricated house. The formal result originates from the generation of the archetype house.


Bruther.Founded by Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot in 2008. Simple geometries and a high technical specificity characterize their buildings. Nicolas Dorval-Bory was in charge of doing an interview in which they talked about the absence of dogmatisms, their interest for urban infrastructures, the ambiguities between programs and the realities of their use, the meaning of representation strategies and their search for a neutral architecture.

Ways of Living. We publish three housing projects located in some of the densest cities in the Latin-American territory. In Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Chacarita, the Charlone 960 building by Mauas.Steinberg + Beauchamp Asoc;  in San Pablo, Brazil, is located Villa Alpicuelta, a project by TACOA Arquitetos; and in Mexico D.F. Córdoba ReUrbano, a project by Cadaval & Solà-Morales.

Italy. Where History and Place are a Scene. Paolla Gallino and Federico Calabrese reported  Cherubino Gambardella, from the architecture studio gambardellarchitetti and IaN+, who form a group of Italian architects who can identify themselves essentially throughout the value of the drawing, the collage, the photomontage and the “traditional” methods of representation.


OOT 028 / Giancarlo Mazzanti. Ciro Najle and Giancarlo Mazzanti converse in the Buenos Aires Zoo.

An arbour. Marco Zanuso´s factory for Olivetti in Buenos Aires/ This essay concentrates in the facilities of the Olivetti Factory in Buenos Aires, a design by Marco Zanuso initiated in 1952 and built inbetween 1958 amd 1963 in Merlo, a few kilometers west of the capital of Argentina.

The Illustrated Guerrilla:

Voices from the underground. An alternative approach to visual communication / An essay, written by Pedro Ezequiel Videla, focuses on the history of artists and movements who have published their works and ideas in a self-managing way.

All the forms in the world. In conversation with Éric Tabuchi/ Interview by Javier Agustín Rojas to Éric Tabuchi about his photographic series, his digital platform Atlas of Forms, and other topics.


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