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METRO Arquitetos. Hormigón y Cristal. Martin Corullon, METRO Arquitetos partner, details his reproduction work of concrete and glass easels originally designed by Lina Bo Bardi, for the main hall of the MASP.

HIT 3. Co-working offices. A building with flexible work spaces proposes a particular curved facade in the Belgrano neighborhood.

Boutique Kitsuné. Charles-Edmond Henry and Nicolas Dorval-Bory renovated an old Paris warehouse into a coffee- boutique for Kitsuné. The project gets homogeneity through materials, colors and furniture.


Renzo Piano Building Workshop in EE. UU. Two museums built in the United States by Renzo Piano Building Workshop: the Kimbell Art Museum annex of the Louis Kahn original pavilion and the new Whitney Museum of American Art building at the end of the High Line Park at New York.

New Mexican Practices. Entitled Mexican Architectures. Miquel Adrià, a Catalan architect and editor of Arquine magazine living in Mexico, contextualizes the contemporary practices of mexican architecture, argued from history and its future. In addition, we analyzed the work of five current young Mexican offices.Estudio Macías Peredo: Four projects evoking the ability of this Mexican architects, Magui Peredo Arenas and Salvador Macías Corona, who work under the contingencies of its environment. Their work, created from timeless and universal interests, adapts to local crafts. Ambrosi / Etchegaray: Jorge Ambrosi and Gabriela Etchegaray Architects, explore the possibilities of technological simplicity, structure and materials to solve housing problems. Pedro & Juana: Mexican architect Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo and German architect Mecky Reuss, experiment together with different textures, technology, crafts, scales and colors for art and furniture projects. Miguel Montor: This architect consolidates its practice by specializing in educational buildings. Through four works we expose the technical systematization of his built projects. Anagrama: This firm desings the architecture, branding and software of two libraries and two shops in the city of Monterrey.

Public works in Buenos Aires. Daniel Kosak analyses the last decade and a half of public works in Buenos Aires and we show in detail three representatives buildings: Buenos Aires Polo Científico Tecnológico, Centro Cultural Kirchner y Buenos Aires Ciudad Casa de Gobierno.


OOT 029 /Ciro Najle interviews Simon Kim and Mariana Ibañez of Ik Studio, about their work´s materials, spatial interaction, urbanism and architecture related to robotics.

La arquitectura homeostática del fun palace. Humberto Lameda essay about the Cedric Price´s building.

Estamos Adentro. Pablo Martínez Capdevilla converses Andrea Branzi.

Cuando la arquitectura enseña a pensar.Diana Ramirez Rasso´s essay about rooms and objects as tools for political reform in the late Enlightenment.

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