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(All articles are published in Spanish)



The South America Project en XIVBA 13. A chronic of the Symposiom SAP / Projects in progress (South America Project) which took place at the XIVBA Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires.

A new edition for the Buenos Aires Bienal. During the months of September and October, distinguished international and local architects were invited to participate in the Buenos Aires Bienal staged at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. (See online)

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires. PROA Foundation. A review on the Buenos Aires Buenos Aires exposition, an approach to the city from different artistic fields.

Other Possible Worlds II: Assemble, PKMN, a77. Second part of the issue dedicated to alternative architecture studios and offices which carry out unconventional practices. In this new issue we approach projects by Assemble, PKMN y a77. (See online)

Garden City Rings. Japa-Javier Ponce Architects. Nizhny Novgorod, Rusia, reactivation of public space by lifting a circular ephemeral structure. (See online)

PLOT presents: RDR Documentary. “RDR Towards a comprehensive practice of architecture.” A documentary by Pablo Gerson and Florencia Rodriguez on the work of the Swiss -argentine architecture office. An audiovisual archive complementing projects publicized in PLOT 15.


ÁBALOS + SENTKIEWICZ ARQUITECTOS. Florencia Rodriguez interviewed Iñaki Ábalos, Spanish architect and new Chair of the Department of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design. We also publish Ábalos + Sentkiewicz arquitectos proyects for the Azuqueca de Henares Center, Solar Towers, and Logoroño Urban Park. (See online)

Estudio Rietti-Smud & Asoc. + Ana Smud. Silently and hidden in different corners of the City of Buenos Aires, the hotel Plaza Dorrego, the Southern Textiles offices and residential building Russel, reveal a simple, sensitive, contextual architecture. (See online)

TOPOTEK 1. A conversation between Javier Agustín Rojas and Martín Rein-Cano, founder of Berlin´s  Landscape Office, whose disciplinary and personal experience allows us to approach with no prejudice projects such as Superkilen, Bord Gaís Network, and Heerenschürli Zúrich. (See online)


OOT 018/ Tony Díaz. In the new issue for Out of Time, Ciro Najle has a conversation with Antonio Díaz del Bó, Argentine architect settled in Madrid with an extraordinary academic and professional experience. Archetypal architecture, the influence of Aldo Rossi, the Argentina academia and the relationship between architecture and the city, are some of the topics addressed during the talk. (See online)

Architecture after the Metropolis. Tony Díaz offers his critic view upon certain aspects and challenges confronting contemporary architecture operating on different urban contexts. (See online)

Aldo Rossi, unpublished book to be printed in Buenos Aires. An article written by Victoriano Sainz Gutiérrez reveals the discovery of an unpublished book by Aldo Rossi, the original copy is kept in the Roman MAXXI archive. The text, written during the 60s belongs to the awaited book on Analogue Architecture to which the Milanese architect made reference on several occasions during those years. It was intended to be publishing in Buenos Aires under the title “Some of my Projects” with the help of Mario Gandelsonas. (See online)

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