PLOT Special Edition Nº 7: Super Urban

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PinExt PLOT Special Edition Nº 7: Super Urban


Editorial: Super Urban. Florencia Medina.

“The rivers and the city´s design”. Alexandre Delijaicov, Angelo Bucci, Oliver De Luccia and Natasha Arabuski. São Paulo, Brazil.

“Echoes of Puerto Madero”. Guillermo Jajamovich. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“United from north to south, and separated from east to west?”. Daniel Kozak. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“The infrastructure as public space – Articulated Life Unities of Public Companies from Medellin”. Felipe Walter. Medellin, Colombia.

Adhoc-isms. Iwan Baan.

Kibera Hamlet. SelgasCano and Helloeverything. 2016. Nairobi, Kenya.

Makoko´s Floating School. NLÉ Architects. 2011-2013. Lagos, Nigeria.

Mother Luiza´s Arena do Morro. Herzog & de Meuron. 2011-2014. Natal, Brazil.

“Architecture, capitalism, urbanization – a conversation with David Harvey”. Mariano Gómez Luque and Daniel Ibañez.

“The obsolescence of the permanent – Towards an ephemeral urbanism”. Rahul Mehrotra and Felipe Vera Benitez.

“Extrastatecraft”. Keller Easterling.

Masdar City. Masdar Institute. Foster + Partners. 2007-2016. Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirate.

“Copenhagens’s Atlas”. Deane Simpson, Kathrin Gimmel, Anders Lonka, Marc Jay and Joost Grootens. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Micro-operations: Home expansions as fine-grained urbanism.

Transformation of 530 homes of Gran Parc set. 2011-2015. Lacaton & Vassal, Frédéric Druot and Christophe Hutin. Bordeaux, France.

Transformation of a building from Le Chesnaie set. 2006-2014.Lacaton & Vassal, Frédéric Druot and Christophe Hutin. Saint-Nazaire, France.

Henri Lefebvre, the right to the city and the new dominant-metropolitan tendency. Christian Schmid.

PinExt PLOT Special Edition Nº 7: Super Urban