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(All articles are published in Spanish)



Núñez expansion. Adamo-Faiden

Latin Love. Colle-Croce

Modelo del Sur Institue. EGT Arquitectos

Ceci n´est pas un arbre. By Elli

R2D2 no… ¡R.O.B! By Florencia Medina

The raven and the snail. By Agustín Seijas


Diller Scofidio + Renfro. High Line and Lincoln Center

New practices in London. Elias Redstone, OO:/, Studio Weave and AOC

Buenos Aires PH world. Vilela (Joselevich-Rasvovsky-Gutraich) Iberá (Pop Arq), Guatemala (NE3 Arquitectos) Barrio Parque Los Andes (Beretervide)

Andrés Jaque Arquitectos (Spain). Build with society. Never neverland house.


Not super, nor post, neither simply cool. By Florencia Rodríguez

OOT 001/ Reiser + Umemoto. Ciro Najle talks with Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto

Effective Tafuri. By Francisco Liernur

Congestion culture vs. circulation culture. By Fernando Bruno

Praise the harpoon. By Christopher Pierce

The game as strategy of social and cultural engagement. By Flavio Janches

Inhabiting a manifest (instructions). By Diéguez, Gilardi and Salaberri

Trojan Dragon. By Supersudaca (Latin America Think Thank)

Architecture, artivism and y prestidigitation. By Gonzalo Escarpa

The future archaeologist. Comic by Jimenez Lai

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