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(All articles are published in Spanish)



Solar Sinter. Tecnología

SAP. Heinterlad Urbanisms. Symposium

Liquid interfaces. Workshops

Mobile houses. By María Victoria Pressler (see online)

Covers and urban acupuncture. Workshops


Consorcio Dos Patios. (Argentina) Florencia Rausch, Bruno Emmer, Bárbara Moyano Gacitúa, RDR Arquitectos, Estudio CSK, Carlos Cottet (see online)

Junya Ishigami. (Japan) Kait and Yohji Yamamoto Sotre by Catherine Nuijsink

Machado & Silvetti. (Argentina – USA) The Center for Academic and Spiritual Life at NYU, Mint Museum, Silver Spring. (see online)

Cubanacán National Arts Schools. (Cuba) by Florencia Medina and Libertad Rodríguez Otero.

UTDT. Making School in Buenos Aires.


Making School. By Florencia Rodríguez (see online)

OOT 006/ Iñaki Ábalos

Durán Calisto with Bergdoll. Interview

Rodríguez and Rohm with Echeverri. Conversation

Star. Essay by Beatríz Ramo

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PinExt PLOT 06