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(All articles are published in Spanish)



Niemeyer, tailored. An installation by FREAKS freearchitecs about the Communist Party’s Headquarters in Paris.

PLOT in Archizines: London + Milan + New York. PLOT travels around the world in the Archizines exhibition, curated by Elias Redstone.

Award to the meeting point. Liliana Bonvecchi writes about the price won by Media ICT at the past World Architecture Festival.

This is not a retrospective. The Barbican Center of London hosts the largest exhibition about OMA.

Mister Trapo. Gaspar Libedisnky talked to PLOT about his last exhibition, a collection of clothes made by rags.

Savages and domesticated. A series of slippers, also made by Gaspar, pop up Ciro Najle and Anna Font’s thoughts about… carpets.

Hope Wood. Giancarlo Mazzanti arquitectos made a public space multipurpose in the marginal zone of Soacha.

Party, power and projection. Wustavo Quiroga’s view about three technology-industry in the history of the country.

Productora Landia. Francrisco Favoretto and Michelo Guzzo built a productora in Chacarita, Buenos Aires.

Fabrica de Paisaje. Five projects of the uruguayan collective, presented by Javier Agustín Rojas.


OMA: Recent Works and in process. PLOT focuses at the landing, in Argentina, of the most important offices in the world. We show some of their last works: Milstein Hall, Rothschild Bank Headquarters, Cronocaos, La imagen de Europa, Roadmap 2050, Taipei Performing Arts Centre, Stadskantoor, Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec, Shenzen Stock Exchange, De-Rotterdam, CCTV Headquarters.

adamo-faiden: question, translate, build.PLOT talked with Sebastián Adamo and Marcelo Faiden about their practice. We also publish 11 de septiembre housing, 33 orientales housing, martos house and venturini house.

Bogdan van Broeck. Two new buildings by the belgian studio: De Mouterij Housing y Centrale Werkplaatsen.

Remixed Testa. Paula Mariñansky and Camilo Policastro reform a house by Clorindo Testa and Héctor Lacarra to make it their personal dwelling. In addition, Roberto Lombardi shares his research and thoughs in “La otra, la misma”.


SAP. We continue with our media coverage about “The South America Project (SAP): Hinterland Urbanisms”, showing the process of all the research projects.

OOT 007/ Jorge Francisco Liernur. Ciro Najle talked with the educator and historian while they walk around the National Library of Argentina.

Brumeville. A narrative about a magical white city.

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PinExt PLOT 07