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(All articles are published in Spanish)



OOT 010 Justo Solsona. Ciro Najle continues with the special editions of Out of Time, this time talking with Justo Solsona about the academy, professional practice y his personal experience in the architectural world. Don’t forget you can watch it online: Part IPart II!

PLOT recommended books. A review of some recommended books. “Ten Arquitectos” by Enrique Norten, “From rules to constraints” by Luis M. Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón, and finally“The Sniper’s log. Architectural chronicles of generation X” by Alejandro Zaera-Polo.

Public space fine grain in urban regeneration. María Arquero de Alarcón writes about the proposal of Somatic Collaborative (Felipe Correa and Anthony Acciavatti) for the Theater and Republic Square competition in the Alameda district, in Quito.

Monoblock in the landscape. In a little street of the neighborhood of Caballito, Buenos Aires, it is located this housing design of Monoblock and Nómade with a playful façade of balconies, trays and shutters.

Twist the typology. Silvina Parentella and Joaquín Sánchez Gomez designed this building in Núñez, Buenos Aires, considering the maximum material quality and the plot possibilities. One of the works awarded by the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos.

Buenos Aires by bike. Magdalena Tarelli writes about the plan of sustainbly movility in Buenos Aires while Pablo Gerson adds his vision about it in the article “7 km in half hour”.

Design, produce and show. Rodolfo Croce and Sebastián Colle designed the atelier for a designer in Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires. The diverse programs of the project are reflected in the materials.

Fake Industries Architectural Agonism. PLOT invited FKAA to edit some pages and present their projects. FKAA is an architectural studio of blurred boundaries and questionable taste, orchestrated by Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau and based in Barcelona and New York.


Herzog & de Meuron. Two projects of the Swiss studio: 1111 Lincoln Road, a parking of several floors in Miami Beach and the Museum der Kulturen in Basel, and extension of an existing building.

Christ & Gantenbein. Florencia Medina presents the studio headed by Emmanuel Christ and Christoph Gentenbein in “Sobre tipologías, objetos y ciudad. Cuatro proyectos de la oficina suiza Christ & Gantenbein”. We publish Liestal Office, Voltamitte collective housing, Wohnwerk and Bildstöckliweg.

New practices in Río de Janeiro. Gabriel Duarte show us the work of CAMPO, Nanda Eskes, BLAC, RUA Arquitetos and Marcos Favero introduced by his article “La ciudad es lo que realmente importa: arquitectos jóvenes y transformaciones urbanas”.

Neil Denari: HL23. We present Niel Denari’s housing in high detail. Don’t miss the precise technical infomation of a work built almost in the five continents.


Experimental Jet Set. Florencia Rodríguez talks with Neil Denari at this office in Los Angeles. Their conversation drifts from his experience in New York during the eighties, the influence ofDecon Show at MoMA, moving to LA and his actual practice.

OOT 008/ Hanif Kara. Ciro Najle talks with Hanif Kara, one of most influential engineers of today. While they walk across the MIT Campus.

Report about the present state of the notion of contemporary art. Fernando Bruno describes some of the last tendencies in the conception of contemporary art… discussion present in the architectural world also.

Translating RossiAna María León explains the importance of the editions in the reading of “The architecture of the city” by Aldo Rossi in America.

The art of defense: the museum as design laboratory. Barry BergdollPhilip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA, share us his reflection about different exhibitions organized by the institution.

Poetic fictions. From the irregular settlement to the social housing. A view about contemporary art in Mexico and its links with the habitat, by Ruth Estévez.

Architectonic absurd. Tom Ngo draws absurd buildings in old used papers that, thank to their lack of logic, allow us to build new meanings.

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