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Showing architectureStorefront for Art and Architecture, Monoambiente, Liga, Architek-Turzentrum Wien. Four significant architecture shows around the world configured a constellation of active practices for criticism and theory. What’s the importance of the curatorship and edition? The responsables of these spaces tell us their experiences and manifest the importance of showing.

Oyler Wu Collaborative. A research about how to materialize architecture and four project that characterize this American studio (Hyperion, Screenplay, Pabellones de graduación de SCI-ARC, Anemone).

Fideicomiso. The research (Venice Take Away) of the independent curator Elias Redstone for the British Pavillion of the XIII Venice Biennale travels to London to be exhibited at the Royal Institue of British Architects (RIBA). In this occasion, PLOT collaborates once again by showing, in a complementary show , ten projects built in the past decade that includes Joaquín Sánchez Gómez and Julián Berdichevsky’s Cramer 1366, Estudio AFRA’s Uriarte 1719, Mariano Crusellas, Sebastián Colle, Rodolfo Crocw, Cristian O’ Connor, Daniel Szuldman and Mario Zambonini’s Humboldt 1510, Dieguez-Friedman’s Clay 2928, Joaquín Sanchez Gómez’ Campos Salles 1966, Guatemala 555 by NE3, Dos Patio by Bárbara Moyano Gacitúa, Florencia Raush, Susana Barra and RDRArquitectos, 33 Orientale’ Adamo-Faiden Arquitectos, 2H’s García Del Río 3195 and Pasaje Isidro DeMaría 940 by Monoblock and Nómade.


Flores Prats Arquitectes. A research about Edificio 111 with an analitic text by Anna Font.

New practices in Hong Kong. Curated and presentated by Venetian architect Giulia Foscari, this extensive article shows a generation of young architects living in Hong Kong. The selection includes RAD (Kowloon Walled City, Jeonju University Star Center, Xixuan Spa Hotel, Ska Pavilion At Yeosu Expo), EDGE (Gary’s Apartment M-2007, The Cascade, Acts Red Naxela, Suitcase House), IDU (Open House 160-3-3, Nantou Ancient City, Xiang-Mi Restaurants & Bar Complex), RUF (Qinmo Village, Escuela Primaria Mulan, Renovación del puente Taiping, A House For All Seasons) and MAP (Extended Territory, Appropriated Place, Booth City, Corridor City, Chungking City, Domestic Helpers. HSBC Stories, Escolator).

Mario Roberto Álvarez y Asociados. A tribute to his transcendent work and an intensive research on Galería Jardín (Garden Gallery), a building located on Florida Street and Tucumán in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires. Javier Agustín Rojas titled his essay “Two towers on a carpet” approach to performing a core concept of the work, its history and timelessness marked by materiality, construction systems and flashing details.

Palais of Tokyo, Bois le Prêtre tower. We present an exclusive interview with Annd Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal, founder and partners of Lacaton & Vassal. In addition we publish two corporative buildings: Palais de Tokyo, Torre Bois-Le-Prêtre.


Never Demolish: The resurgence of Bois-le-Prêtre in Paris. By Craig Buckley, Professor at Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University.

OOT 012/ Max de Cusa. Max de Cusa’s offices was founded by the architects Jordi Pagès i Ramon and Lluís Viu Rebés in Barcelona. As they walk through Walden 7, they talked about architectural language, traditional architects, urban norms, theory and practice.

The Inner Outside. By Ciro Najle.

Vanishing point: about the contemporary pavilion. By critic, historian and theorist Sylvia Lavin, whose work explore the limits of architecture thru a large spectrum of historical periods.

Oscar Niemeyer. A tribute to the Brazilian architect historical photographs of Lina Kim and Michael Wesely

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