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02 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 2 520x742 Filtro hexagonal

Fotografías por Maira Acayaba

SuperLimão studio rehabilitó una edificio existente para alojar el local en San Pablo de Estar Moveis, una tienda de productos de diseño brasileño. El estudio utiliza materiales ecológicas para generar una arquitectura ecléctica y llamativa creando soluciones que le den nuevo valor a productos convencionales de la construcción. La fachada del proyecto está compuesta de formas hexagonales, algunas opacas y otras traslúcidas, que crean una superficie plana hacia el exterior y ondulada hacia dentro. Este revestimiento atrae la curiosidad del peatón e incita a entrar a ver los productos.

03 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 5 520x799 Filtro hexagonal

Nombre/ Estar Móveis

Arquitectos/ SuperLimão Studio

Ubicación/ Al Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1080, São Paulo, Brasil

Total Area/ 260 m2

Construcción/ANF Engeneering

Fotografía/ Maira Acayaba

01 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 1 520x617 Filtro hexagonal

EM ELEVATIONS 520x198 Filtro hexagonal

Located in a building on the corner of the street, the store should house the contemporaneity of the collection and the brand´s new language. It has acted in the market for over 60 years and in this new undertaking, it searches for a new esthetic language printed on its products and also in the architecture. Therefore, the situation was analyzed representing a receding building behind a curved shaped square and also the needs of product exhibition. The building had 10 small windows and after a study it was decided to make a great opening on the facade using an auxiliary metal structure in a place clearly visible for pedestrians and also to who drives by this busy street. A honeycomb inspired the hexagonal shape on the facade and this shape allows a better solution for planes and curves situation. The coating was used in some moments in an opaque way and in others as semi-translucent, evoking movement between straight and curved angles. 

07 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 12 520x344 Filtro hexagonal 06 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 10 520x322 Filtro hexagonal05 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 6 520x332 Filtro hexagonal


At the same time, shaping the openings sometimes explicit like in the main window and it alludes itself more discretely at times to incite visitation. Inside the store, it’s noticed a container shipping door used for hoisting big parts that can´t be transported through the stairs. The masonry was peeled and exposed crudely and the lighting uses the preexisting structure to its fixation, bringing the highest flexibility possible for the product exhibition at the store. Old existent bricks were kept making a conversation between new and old materials. Inspired by the unusual architectural proposal, the plastic artist Felipe Morozini signs the creative direction of the objects, furniture and the art for ESTAR GABRIEL. With the idea to humanize and escape showroom patterns, the curator proposes unpretentious and humorous spaces rescuing the History, nostalgia, emotion and the feeling of being at home, so the visitors feel as if they were in their own home. 


EM FLOOR PLAN 520x829 Filtro hexagonalEM FLOOR1 PLAN 520x806 Filtro hexagonal

About SuperLimão Studio:  The company is based in Sao Paulo designs furniture, interior design fixtures and mainly architecture. Established in 2002, Superlimão Studio’s main goal is to search for a new aesthetic language, inspired by daily metropolitan life. The projects include residential houses, design shops, restaurants and any exciting projects. Being environmentally conscious in the approach to design SuperLimão Studio tries to use ecologically responsible materials and recycled industrialized objects. By re-using and placing these materials in a new context they create innovative and interesting designs and architecture. Each piece is unique when it comes to using unconventional materials in its structure and/or outer skin. SuperLimão Studio searches for new solutions and applications to existing industrial processes in order to transform standard raw materials of conventional products into unique ones with added value.

About Estar Móveis: Leading ESTAR MÓVEIS, Edith Diesendruck and Raquel Fogelman celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary entrenching itself and launching trends in the real state market and design in Brazil. Its success is shown in the refined high quality product selection and partnerships with artists and designers to create fresh products with a Brazilian identity. The innovative perspective is added to the acquired experience and the constant challenge in offering the most beautiful and the best products at affordable prices. The result is the growth and the brand’s strengthening, a six decade success. 

04 ESTAR MOVEIS SUPERLIMAO STUDIO 17 520x758 Filtro hexagonal



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